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Private alpine ski racing coaching or private high level ski instruction.

Accelerate your skiing performance with private coaching at any of our program locations.

One on one coach to athlete training, accelerates skills and performance.



Performance Skiing is based in building up a platform of fundamental skills.

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International Racer is pleased to announce that we are now offering a private coaching option during our planned programs in New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Italy/Austria.

Options Available;

1. Private 1:1 alpine race training (gates and tech-free ski) with a coach for a minimum of three weeks.

2. Private 1:1 Alpine skier training (technical free ski) with a coach for at least three weeks.

Participants bear the cost of their training and the coach’s costs. This is not for everyone, but for those with the resources, IR private coaching is a very effective way to develop core and robust skiing skills that can be applied to either the race course (SL/GS) or general technical skiing.

Alpine Ski Racing Coaches in New Zealand

For those interested in private coaching or private skiing tuition, IR requires a minimum of 90 days’ notice to allocate coaching staff.

After indicating interest, our Operational Director will contact interested private coaching participants to discuss their needs and goals.

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