Alumni & Results

Alpine ski racing athletes dream big, they spend nights imagining of what could be, thinking about speed and technique. IR was set up to help them realize their vision.

IR is proud to partner with these alpine athletes and advance their performance journey

20 Years

In IR’s 20 years plus, we have trained many athletes.
Some have gone on to:
* Compete at the Winter Olympics
* Earned places on national teams
* Gone on, to race World Cup or Europa Cup
* Become alpine coaches or top level instructors
* Become Head Coaches at race clubs
* Become Coaches on National teams, like USST
* Won podiums at FIS and U16/U14/U12 levels
And for those that did not distinguish themselves with obvious accolades; IR enabled their growth as international people, who grew through travel, competition, being sport and country ambassadors, and developing long term connections and friendships.

Katie McDonald for her results in USA U16 National Championships


Proud of these incredible results

Congratulations to athlete Katie McDonald for her results in USA U16 National Championships
The image shows Katie accepting her 2nd place in the SL

IR Alumni

2022 – New Zealand
2023 – New Zealand
2023 – Sweden

Roxy Coatesworth


Check out these incredible results

Max Hoder
1st place Burke Mtn 38.58 pt

New Zealand 2019

Victoria Zaytseva
1st year FIS Points 27.21 pt GS (Amazing)
USA u18 champs 1st GS 1st SG 2nd SL

New Zealand 2023

Roxy Coatesworth
1st year FIS 27.92pt SL (Amazing)

Canada 2019
New Zealand 2019
Norquay 2019
Canada 2020
New Zealand 2022

Wavy Balfour
U14 Alberta Provincials 2nd GS and 3rd SL

Canada 2022
New Zealand 2022
Sweden 2022
Canada 2023
Sweden 2023
Canada 2024

Sophia Pelkey
U14 Alberta Provincials 2nd SL

Canada 2022
Canada 2023
Canada 2024

pictured, Roxy Coatsworthy.

William Hansson who has been elevated to the Swedish National team.


William Hansson (Sweden)

Congratulations to IR alumni William Hansson who has been elevated to the Swedish National team.

William trained with IR
2015 – New Zealand
2016 – Canada
2016 – Austria
2016 – New Zealand
2016 – Sweden
2017 – Canada
2019 – Sweden


Alex Madra on podium


Congratulations to the following IR athletes for their incredible performances⛷️

U14 IR Athletes:
⚡️Wavey Balfour – Castle Mountain 2nd GS
⚡️Maddie Wickins – Castle Mountain 3rd GS

U16 IR Athlete:
⚡️Alex Madra – Panorama U16 1st SL 3rd GS

FIS IR alum Athletes:
⚡️Ruby Fullerton – Qualification for Youth Olympics in Korea
⚡️Roxy Coatesworth 2007 – 2x 36pt SL
⚡️Viktoria Zaytseva 2007 – 36pt SL
⚡️Katie McDonald – USA qualification for Folgaria

Wavy Balfour
Congratulations to International Racer training group athletes that competed at the U14 Alberta winter games!!🙌🎉

Wavy Balfour 🥇GS🥇🥇SL
Maddie Wickins 🥇🥇GS
Sophia Pelkey 🥉GS🥉SL
Henry Petersen 🥇SL🥉GS

Louis Muhlen and Harry Laidlaw


Congratulations to IR Alumni – William Hansson (SWE), Harry Laidlaw (AUS), Louis Muhlen (AUS) who have all recently qualified 2nd run in WC alpine events.

William Hansson – WC Alpine GS at Aspen – Result 26th
Harry Laidlaw – WC Alpine GS at Bansco – Result 2nd run DNF
Louis Muhlen – WC Alpine GS at Aspen – Result 27th

Dani Sanz


Congratulations to IR coach Dani Sanz, who has been accepted as a coach of the US Ski Teams, Mens Speed Team.

Dani has a huge future ahead of him in coaching, and is pursuing a data centric coaching approach to advance his athletes. 

Fayik Abdi is Saudi Arabia's first winter Olympic athlete.


Congratulations to IR athlete Fayik Abdi who became Saudi Arabia’s first winter Olympic athlete.

The Saudi government reached out to IR in 2021 and asked us to help them get some athletes qualified for the 2022 Winter Olympics.
We were very pleased that Fayik was successful in both walking in the Opening Ceremony as their first competing athlete and completing both runs of the mens GS, on a tough course.