High Performance Alpine Ski Racing Youth and FIS Programs

Canadian Alpine Ski Racing Camp


A high-performance program for serious youth (U14/U16/FIS) athletes in the ‘Learning to Train’ and ‘Training to Train’ phases of long term athlete development based in Canmore, Alberta


Alberta Nakiska

IR is an independent alpine ski racing organization that supports the ambition of athletes who want to take it to the next level.

We design individual athletic plans for you and your goals; Together, it is our responsibility to find the most efficient and practical path to improved and sustainable performance

Canada - Nakiska

Olympics 1988, 10 Events

Located in Canmore, Alberta, the ‘High-Performance Alpine Ski Racing program, runs from November – May

There are no activities planned for the period December 17 – January 8th, as this is peak public time at the resorts, the coldest days and Christmas break.

The training provides what we think is the ideal amount of training stimulus for U14/U16/FIS (high volume – high focus over short specific blocks), with adequate time for school, physical training, other activities and rest

Junior Alpine Ski Racer at Nakiska

The IR system is designed to build the foundational mindset, athletic and technical – tactical skills that will hold up in the most demanding situations.

Our Professional Beliefs

• That a growth mindset provides the foundation for success in sport & life
• That strong character development and accountability are keys to growth
• In durability…you’re never going to be fast watching from the sidelines. We believe in developing the flexibility, mobility, strength, power & movement skills needed to keep you on the hill and performing your best, day in day out.
• In finding practical and lasting solutions to athletic development
• That athleticism is key to long term success…you must be a ripping athlete to ski fast
• That a good athlete can do anything anywhere, and on any snow surface
• That good ol’ fashioned hard work pays off in the end

We offer focused training blocks in both SL and GS. The IR environment is focused, structured, challenging and encouraging. The IR culture is based on respect, work ethic and an understanding of what it takes to be successful on the hill and most importantly in life. We are focused on the whole athlete.

Our Professional Goals

• Improve Performance…increase productivity and understanding
• Decrease injury potential…increase durability & maximize training volume
• Increase motivation…go all in and engage fully
• Develop a practical plan…develop practical & sustainable strategies for success
• Create a balanced lifestyle…find the right life – sport balance for you

Junior male alpine ski racer at Nakiska

High-Performance program for serious youth and FIS alpine athletes in the ‘Learning to Train’ and ‘Training to Train’ phases of long term athlete development

* Small group training
* 5:1 athlete to coach ratio
* High-quality training groups of like-minded athletes
* Keeping the quality high while maintaining a small bubble
* COVID safe program design and operating protocols
* Acceptance to the program is on application only

Junior female alpine ski racer bending SL pole



* Hire of training lanes
* Dry land training sessions
* Individual athlete analysis
* Daily video analysis
* IR logistics and management of the program
* Coaches fees and associated costs
* Cover for gates and breakages
* Park and road tolls
* Phone, internet and coordination costs


* Airfare
* Accommodation & meals
* Lift passes
* Travel and competition insurance
* Airport pick up / drop off
* Snack food
* Alpine Canada registration
* FIS license (for FIS athletes)
* International Competition License (ICL) (for FIS athletes)
* Away race costs
* Race entries
* Lift tickets away from the base mountain
* Personal spending money
* Personal equipment purchase
* Conditioning activities delivered by external program providers

Junior Female Alpine Racer training SL at Nakiska


Located on the Bow River and flanked on all sides by the front ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the town of Canmore is a special place. It’s a medium sized mountain town that’s big on community, personality, and a love for mountain sports. It has the infrastructure and amenities that we need to support our program.

A little bit about the place…

Modern municipal infrastructure including;
* Full service supermarkets
* 72 bed hospital
* World class Nordic Ski Centre
* Ice hockey arenas
* Primary & secondary schools
* Full range of retail and specialty shops
* Impressive assortment of restaurants
* 12,000 permanent residents
* 6,000 non-permanent residents & 2nd home owners
* Elevation 1309m (4296 feet) with the surrounding peaks reaching 2919m’s (9633 feet)
* Latitude: 51.087977, Longitude: -115.349418

Tourism, lifestyle, health and wellness form the major economic base. Canmore has a young, energetic, diverse and well-educated population that values a vigorous, outdoor adventure lifestyle that allows them to come home to comfort and amenities usually reserved for city life.

alpine ski racer in tuck position at Nakiska

Contact our Coaching Team

For interested parties, we will provide a comprehensive PDF detailing all the aspects of the project in detail and a full breakdown of the training schedule. In addition, our staff will provide the project pricing and race program (if applicable). If you prefer not to use the form, please email our staff at, including your basic contact details.

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