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We train alpine athletes to be; faster, more skilled, more athletic, more mentally clear, more professional in approach.

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IR is an independent alpine ski racing organization that supports the ambition of athletes who want to take it to the next level.

We design individual athletic plans for you and your goals; Together, it is our responsibility to find the most efficient and practical path to improved and sustainable performance

Alpine Technical and Speed

We are motivated to be the team behind successful alpine athletes; Build their racing skills, Progress their athletic state to a successful platform.

IR has trained many athletes over the last 15 years, ranging from Olympic and World Cup level down to Kinder. We are very proud of all our athletes’ achievements and delighted that we played a part in their success and personal growth journey. We look forward to your personal growth and new ski racing skills.

We offer a relevant and innovative program designed around a proven and constantly refining the curriculum.  The IR environment is focused, structured, challenging and encouraging.  The IR culture is based on respect, work ethic and an understanding of what it takes to succeed on the hill, in the classroom, and most importantly, in life.  We are focused on the whole athlete.  We leave nothing to chance to engage athletes and lead them towards their very best.

IR System

GROWTH; Strong character development, positive attitude, work ethics, and accountability are key to success opportunities.

DURABILITY; In developing the flexibility, mobility, strength, power & movement skills needed to keep you performing

DEVELOPMENT; Building solid, robust, fundamental alpine athletic skills and muscle memory

ATHLETICISM; is key to long term success That; a good athlete can do anything anywhere, and on any snow surface

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